4,4′ – methylene – bis (cyclohexylamine) carbamate

Product Data Sheetintercure4

INTERCURE® 4 is an alicyclic amine salt used as a curing agent mainly for Flouroelastomers (FKM). For its safety in processiong, it can be positioned between INTERCURE® 1 and INTERCURE® 3. Its cross-linking efficiency provides FKM compounds with physical properties similar to those obtainable with INTERCURE® 1. As with INTERCURE® 1, INTERCURE® 4 is needed when applications require F.D.A. approval.

While levels from 1.8 to 2.2 p.h.r. of INTERCURE® 4 meet a wide range of needs, a 2 p.h.r. level provides an optimum balance of safe processing, cure rate and physical properties.