Interbusiness S.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer of a complex range of elastomer curing agents.

Together with IB Chem (Interbusiness Chemicals), the Group’s technical operations company, and a successful integration of all the required steps from research and development, to distribution and customer service, we have attained optimization of a unique customer system for our specialized array of INTERCURE® products.
Interbusiness’ governing policy is committed to providing high quality, excellent service, and competitive prices, always maintaining an unwavering respect for the environment, safety and health.
Above all, our Group’s goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Group

Interbusiness S.r.l.: established in 1985, Worldwide Headquarters – Milano (Italy)

IB Chem S.r.l. (Interbusiness Chemicals) – established in 1991, Technical Operations – Brindisi (Italy)

Interbusiness U.S.A., Inc.: established in 1987, Trading Company – New York (U.S.A.)